New Year Resolutions

We all make them, resolutions to do better, to live better, eat better. With a brand new year stretched out in front of us this seems to be the perfect time. Part of that is looking back at the year that has passed to see where we need to make improvements.

So, in that spirit I have decided to be more communicative on my blog. The original intent was to share images of my work and talk about the different pieces I am working on. Inviting people to look over my shoulder in the Studio. I want to get back to that, sharing what I love to do.

Here is a look back on the last month:

Christmas Gnomes.

“Earth 2”

And with that I would like to wish the readers of this blog a wonderful new year.


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Old video


Dug up an old video. Funny how we think we come across and how we really do.


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The question: ” how long did that take you to make?” is never easy to answer.  The time from inspiration to finished piece involves many steps.                                                     Inspiration can come from anywhere, a color combination I see, an image, a mood, a feeling or a place. Sometimes it leads to a design that does not get translated in to glass right away. So, I have a collection of drawings that are waiting for the “right time”. Other times it is a shorter process from drawing to glass selection, cutting, grinding, foiling and soldering. After that of course is cleaning, applying patina and framing. Not a short process by any means but then a good piece of stained glass work can last forever.

Window Valance

Glass Selection


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Treasure Boxes

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“Mother Nature”

A new mosaic, this time it’s three dimensional. Inspiration strikes at different places and times. I saw this dress form and while I was looking at it I could just see it covered in glass mosaic. I wanted to depict what we love about nature, unspoiled land, mountains, a lake, clear skies and a night sky with moon and stars clearly visible. And this is the result.

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Stairway to the Galaxy

A new piece for the Gallery at La Cigale in Mount Gretna is “Stairway to the Galaxy”. The shades of dark blue glass mixed with clear iridized glass evoke a sky at midnight.

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June First Friday at the Gallery at La Cigale

Luise June 1st 2018

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Valentines Day

What are you planning to commemorate this special day? I was busy making a few things for easy gift giving.


Have a Happy Valentines Day!

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An Evening at the Opera

Another Mosaic that allows the viewer to interprete what is in front of him/her. To me it is an abstracted view of the glamour of an Opera House from days gone by.

The shimmering fabrics in the beautiful dresses, sparkling jewelry, the somber black of Tuxedos. All of it to point out and emphasize the special social event.

Luise, Glass Mosaic

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Always things to create.

It’s been a busy few months. Mostly custom orders but also a few things to keep the inventory at the    stocked and some items for the new venture at ” The Nest” antique store.

One of the custom pieces was a large window. The client wanted a certain color scheme applied to a lighthouse she remembered from her childhood.


Here is a link to some other new work:




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