5 things that I am grateful for today.

Today is Alyson Stanfield’s Birthday. http://www.artbizblog.com/

And with her wishlist she is actually giving gifts. A list of 8 simple things to do that will  brighten your day. One item on the to do list: think of five things that you are grateful for today. And you know, it was not hard to come up with those five so I am thinking that I am pretty lucky. So, here goes:

1    I am grateful that I am safe and warm inside while the snow keeps piling up outside.

2    I am grateful that I have the ability to produce my Art and can continue to make people happy with that.

3    I am really grateful to have a supportive family and friends, without them life would be just awful.

4    I am grateful for the small things in life, birds in the Garden, a flower from my soon to be daughter in law, oranges (sunshine) that my neighbor brought back from Florida, the Art postcards from a friend.

5    And I am grateful that I am able to still do the things that are necessary, that my body is healthy enough to shovel snow, organize the tool shed, paint the walls in my Studio, things that some of my friends are no longer able to do.

Thank you Alyson, yes, I did smile at least five times to myself while I was writing this.




About Luise Christensen-Howell

My fascination with glass began in 1984 when I took a class that explained the basic procedure of working in this medium. It became a full time occupation. I owned and operated a stained glass store, Glasshaus Studio, for a number of years. There I sold stained glass supplies, tools, glass sheets, original glass art and taught classes on the subject. Because I wanted to devote more time to the creative process, I closed the store in 2001 and now work in my studio full time. I work in the original Tiffany method, cutting colorful pieces of glass that follow my design. The pieces are shaped on a glass grinder for a perfect fit. Copper foil is added around the edges of each piece and they are then soldered together to form a finished piece. There have been numerous installations over the years, a series of church windows at St. Johns Lutheran church in Sinking Springs, Pa. A double Entrance door at Our Lady of Peace church in Halifax, Pa. An Entrance door at the Adjutant Generals mansion at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa. Two large, historically inspired windows at the Union Canal House in Hershey, Pa. My largest installation to date is at the welcome Pavilion of the Catherine and Milton Hershey Conservatory at Hershey Garden, Hershey Pa. I was chosen from a field of applicants to create 63 very large glass Butterflies. Because of it's versatility and permanence, glass can be used in a variety of applications. Whether it is a window, door, glass mosaic, lamp or one of my Treasure boxes, the item will last for years to come. I am a founding member of the Gallery at La Cigale where my work is on display and available for purchase, a member of the Hershey Area Art Association and a member of the Lebanon Valley Council on the Arts. I can be contacted at 717-534-9135 or at glashaus29@msn.com
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2 Responses to 5 things that I am grateful for today.

  1. Thank you for sharing your gratitude, Luise. I smiled (and got a little teary-eyed) while reading, too. Hope you have a fabulous day on my birthday.

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