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We all know the saying: time flies when you are having fun. Well, time has certainly flown for me. The summer was incredible busy with both glass work and baking goodies for German Delights, the venture that my daughter and I started to share german treats and baked goods.

I had a glass Show and prepared for the group Show at the Gallery at La Cigale. Also for a group Show at a Gallery in Lebanon, Pa. And along the way I was working on Butterflies. Let me show you a few things that I worked on:

Glass Mandela

Glass Mandela

August 2014 Glass and Garden 003 August 2014 Glass and Garden 005

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A week at Glashaus

The week started out on a good note. A planning meeting for the upcoming months at the Gallery at La cigale. We have some great Artist’s lined up for the coming season: painters, glass sculptors, Collage Artists, basket makers. The preparation is always very time consuming but so very important. The Artists are featured on our website:

And other preparations for the upcoming Exhibit in June at the Lebanon Art Association. New designs, choosing the glass, and all that is involved in an Exhibit. Knowing how many pieces the space allows for, choosing what to display and of course the most important part: actually making everything. A group of glass Artists, showing all the different ways to use this beautiful medium. From kiln formed to mosaic, lead work and the Tiffany method. It promises to be a sparkling June.

More planning for the Butterfly project. Some of the dimensions needed size adjustments so details will be clearly visible form the height they are suspended from. And then the construction of the prototype for the largest of the Butterflies, almost three feet across.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe image is of one of the smaller Butterflies hanging under a Trellis.


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The Butterfly Project

There is exciting news to share: Hershey Garden is building a Conservatory! A beautiful Building to house tropical plants and Butterflies with areas for instruction. Learn about it here:

I am thrilled that I was chosen to create the Butterfly Installation that will greet visitors. A large number of stained glass Butterflies will be suspended overhead, adding color and movement to a beautiful space. The sizes will vary from one to almost three feet in diameter, created out of sparkling cathedral glass in a multitude of colors. Please stay tuned for updates as this project moves forward.


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About stained glass

The term “stained glass” is actually misleading. The color of the glass is not an applied stain. It is an artful combination of sands, Feldspar, Minerals and some other proprietary ingredients. This is where glass achieves it’s brilliant, permanent color. The combined materials are “cooked” at a very high temperature (around 2000 degrees) in a glass furnace. The textures are derived from machine rolling the molten glass. Cathedral glass is often a single color. Some glass Artists apply special glass paints to add detail. They must be fired onto the glass at high Temperatures to become permanent.

Hand rolled Art glass  can appear more subtle and is often referred to as Tiffany glass. The color combinations and effects, such as ring mottles or striations, are achieved by mixing and ladeling molten glass combinations by hand. Art glass usually appears different in color when it is reflected light as opposed to transmitted light. All glass will then go thru an annealing process.

After a cooling period the glass sheets are cut for distribution, some are 2 x 4ft. We are fortunate to still have american glass manufacturers that are skilled in the process of producing this beautiful medium.

When I choose a piece of glass to use in a design it is the same process as a painter choosing paints. But I have the additional choice of textures to bring the piece to life. My pallette is glass in all it’s variations. Instead of a paintbrush my tools are glass cutters, grinders and soldering irons. Working with glass never get’s boring, there are endless possibilities of color and texture combinations.


The picture shows examples of Youghiogheny Art glass.

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5 things that I am grateful for today.

Today is Alyson Stanfield’s Birthday.

And with her wishlist she is actually giving gifts. A list of 8 simple things to do that will  brighten your day. One item on the to do list: think of five things that you are grateful for today. And you know, it was not hard to come up with those five so I am thinking that I am pretty lucky. So, here goes:

1    I am grateful that I am safe and warm inside while the snow keeps piling up outside.

2    I am grateful that I have the ability to produce my Art and can continue to make people happy with that.

3    I am really grateful to have a supportive family and friends, without them life would be just awful.

4    I am grateful for the small things in life, birds in the Garden, a flower from my soon to be daughter in law, oranges (sunshine) that my neighbor brought back from Florida, the Art postcards from a friend.

5    And I am grateful that I am able to still do the things that are necessary, that my body is healthy enough to shovel snow, organize the tool shed, paint the walls in my Studio, things that some of my friends are no longer able to do.

Thank you Alyson, yes, I did smile at least five times to myself while I was writing this.



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Lute players Serenade


This picture shows “Lute players Serenade” before it was framed in a custom picture frame. I really like the glass chosen for this piece. Subtle textures to make the clothing appear as if it is cloth. That panel sold at a Benefit Auction. I am considering making another Lute player, love the subject.

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Galactic Marbles


Some new work that I am taking to the Gallery at La Cigale in Mt. Gretna. While they are called ” Galactic Marbles” they also represent a study in colors and textures.

In addition to the hand rolled, american made Art glass, the green piece also incorporates iridized green glass beads. The iridized glass used is a matte iridization on darker hued glass, adding to a warm organic feel.

For the blue piece I also cut hand rolled, american made Art glass. But I also incorporated grey mother of pearl, cut into squares. Textured mirror and iridized glass add to the reflection of light and space.

Visit the Gallery at La Cigale in Mount Gretna, Pa to see more glass Mosaics.


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A Privilege

And so it goes for all of us: The calendar keeps moving forward, regardless of the events and battles that go on in every ones life. We can only withdraw for a time, trying to figure out how we are going to deal with things. Then we have to step back into the light, out of the dark corner we found comfort in. And figure out how to deal with life and all the events that make  life unique for each one of us, friends and family alike.

Today the world lost a beautiful Spirit. After a short, devastating illness she slipped away. Her friends and family will feel her loss for a long time, cherishing Memories of a remarkable woman.

People were drawn to her soft spoken demeanor, her easy smile,  but so were Animals. She seemed to truly understand them and gave them a voice in her paintings. Godspeed to you my friend, it was a privilege to know you.


Painting by Susie Afflerbach

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A Muse


A Mosaic of Ouranie, the greek Muse of Astrology. There will be more Mosaics of different Muses for an Exhibit next year. This one sold at a Benefit Auction. Still one of my favorite pieces.


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Simple Vine

Sometimes just a simple touch will be enough. The small Bevels sparkle and catch the Sun while the Vine adds Tranquility.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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